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"You Were Born For Such A Time As This"

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Welcome to Essence of Esther's Web Boutique

Essence of Esther is a Christian based company that hand makes quality organic bath and skin care products.  We chose the name "Essence of Esther" because of Esther in the Old Testament: Esther "Queen of Persia" aka Hadassah "Heroine of the Israelis". The essence of Esther was her character. In spite of the difficult time in which Esther lived, Esther exhibited distinctive qualities that exemplify what every woman should strive to acquire.

We also carry a full line of men's bath and skin care products "Scents of Solomon", with scents geared toward the more masculine spirit.

Our products are very aromatic to help you relax, stimulate, energize and reduce stress. Our Signature Line products includes

An assortment of natural bath and skin care products.

Bath salts, dead sea salt scrub, brown sugar scrub, milk bath, body wash, bath oil. - Lotion, face moisturizing cream

Ultimate Gift Basket

Gift baskets for that special person. Select ready designed, or create your own with the products of your choice.

Body Butter to suit anyone's desire.

Body butter available in your choice of Shea, Mango, Olive, and Avocado, just to name a few.

Products for men to help keep his face and body healthy.

Shaving cream, toner, after shave lotion. We even have razors and shaving brushes.

Esther exhibited 12 outstanding characteristics which the fragrances in our Signature Line products have been designed to typify.  Essence of Esther Signature Fragrances are:

  • Esther's Beauty: Jasmine/Lavender/Vanilla

  • Esther's Boldness: Tangerine/Orange/Anise

  • Esther's Courage: Ylang Ylang/Lemon/Lime/Orange/Clove

  • Esther's Faith:   Patchouli/Lavender/Sandalwood

  • Esther's Grace:  Chamomile/Lemongrass/Mandarin

  • Esther's Humility: Bergamot/Lavender/Clove

  • Esther's Integrity: Orange/Ginger/Clove

  • Esther's Love: Tea Rose/Lavender/Cedar wood

  • Esther's Obedience:  Amyris/Vanilla/Lemon

  • Esther's Purity: Rose/Neroli/Lemon

  • Esther's Self-Assurance: Jasmine/Vanilla/Sandalwood/Cinnamon/Clove

  • Esther's Strength: Orange/Lavender/Clary Sage

  • Esther's Fragrance: Scent of Royalty: Ylang Ylang/Amyris/Lavender/Jasmine/Bergamot/Vanilla

  • Esther's Joy: Lavender/Vanilla  

We understand, also, that fragrance is an individual choice. This is the reason we offer our Customers an opportunity to select their own scent for their products.  Essence of Esther will be happy to design a fragrance 'blend" especially for you. Fragrances that blend well include vanilla, rose, lavender, bergamot and patchouli. We offer a wide selection of Essential Oils from which to choose to design "your special scent."  Essential Oils

We hope you enjoy your browse through our site. Our Site Map lists all of the contents of the Essence of Esther Web Site.  It is our goal to give you an easy journey and make your shopping a pleasant experience.